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Publisher: Ongaku-no-tomo-sha corp.
Publication date: June 2024
Language: Japanese
Dimensions: 7.17 x 0.39 x 10.12 inches

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The theme of this month’s cover:
Price, design and sound, everything is perfect
Cover products: ARCAMCD5/A5

[Special feature] High cost performance audios

  • Listen to “The sound of the 90s” with Arcam’s Integrated amplifier and CD players
    (Akira Yamanaka [Disk Union] x Yoshihisa Fukae [Herman International] x Shunsuke Yoshino [Chief Editor of “stereo”])
  • A must-see for audio fans! Let’s enjoy music with Epos ES-7N
    (By Haruo Ushio)
  • Amazing size and price: Marantz MODEL M1
    (By Yoshiyuki Ishida)
  • The joy of being surrounded by realistic sound: Playing back Dolby Atmos with the product of ECLIPSE
    (By Hisaaki Hijikata)
  • Growl at the high cost performance!!: Selected High value models (Makoto Yamaguchi / Kazumi Iwaide / Shunsuke Yoshino[Chief editor of “stereo”])
  • The little giant of the desktop: TEAC UD-507
    (By Yoshito Endo)
  • My best: High cost performance examples presented by audiophiles
    (Kenji Kawashima/Shunsuke Motegi/Takashi Iwai/MAsamitsu Fukuda/Yasuhisa Tobimatsu/Dai Onojima/Atsuki Ishimine)
  • From “ONTOMO Shop”: A catalog of the High cost performance products
  • Accuphase E-700
    (By Tadashi Yamanouchi)
  • Three new faces from Zonotone
    (By Masanobu Hayashi)
  • Listening to the Arturo Toscanini masterpiece collection
    (By Masaki Yoshioka)
  • Announcement of the Speaker contest & Craftsman contest 2024

stereo listening room: Listening to popular new products

(Yoshiyuki Ishida / Chitake Inoue / Takashi Iwai / Kazumi Iwaide / Haruo Ushio / Saburo Ubukata / Ikuo Tsunoda / Masamitsu Fukuda: Masaoki Endo [commentary])

[SACD player] Esoteric K-03XD SE

[Integrated amplifier] MALC Control amp Ref-1

[Speakers] Sonus Faber Lumina Ⅱ Amator / Kripton KX-0.5P Ⅱ / B&W 705 S3 Signature

Featured product file

1. TRIODE TRS-34 (By Yutaka Suzuki)

2. THORENS TD1500 (By Chitake Inoue)

3. Gold Ring E4 (By Mitsugu Kobayashi)

4. METRONOME Technology AQWO2 (By Chitake Inoue)

5. FIIO R9 (By Takashi Iwai)

Accessory File: Musica Note S-STW101 (By Akira Sumiyama)

Product News (By Masao Mineo)

Serial articles

  • A Room Where You Can See Sound Audio and People Person of the Month: Kei Ashid (By Isashi Tanaka)
  • Peter Barakan’s New Music Diary “Michael Cuscuna” (By Peter Barakan)
  • Good Sound Ueda’s Audio Walk “COUNT” (By Takashi Ueda)
  • Resumes of Famous Machines (By Makoto Sawamura)
  • New Common Sense in Audio (By Masamitsu Fukuda)
  • Vinyl Junkies – The Pot of Analog audio (By Isashi Tanaka)
  • Firebird Electric (By Masao Mineo)
  • Craft Vintage (By Mamoru Kiyoto)
  • Shiba-chan’s Eye: Clock Generators(By Isao Shibasaki)
  • Manga “Sound Climber Kenji” (By Akira Yamanaka)
  • Terashima Disk Hall (By Yasukuni Terashima)

Stereo Disc Collections

  • Monthly Best Recordings (By Fukuda Masamitsu)
  • Special Selections (Yoshiyuki Ishida / Mitsugu Hayashi / Yasuichiro Simbo / Isashi Tanaka)
  • Hot TopicsClassical music (By Kozo Asari)/Jazz (By Masamichi Okazaki)/Rock・Popular (By Kazuhiro Uda)/Japanese Popular (By Hideki Masubuchi)
  • SACD (By Tetsuo Iwama)
  • Perverted Software Championship (By Akira Sumiyama & Motoyuki Takasaki)
  • Audiobooks & Entertainment Information (By Tomoko Yamauchi)
  • Topics: Three titles in the series ‘The Moonlight Cats Radio Show’ by Shogo Hamada are now available on analogue
  • Preview of the next issue
  • TOWNS: Audio news
  • Editor’s Note

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